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Tournament Results

Join our next tournament, starting 2/17  (Ended February 22)
Total Entries: 5
Taking Care of Business  (Ended February 20)
Total Entries: 34daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthyanichYanich
Hearts, Candy and Flowers  (Ended February 17)
Total Entries: 34daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthbigbirdBigbird
If you love tournaments, the next one starts 2/10!  (Ended February 15)
Total Entries: 6
Couples  (Ended February 13)
Total Entries: 41leslucLeslucleslucLeslucnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Doctors - Not  (Ended February 10)
Total Entries: 34daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthmichuMichu
Hurry back, the next tournament gets underway 2/3!  (Ended February 8)
Total Entries: 1
Wall to Wall  (Ended February 6)
Total Entries: 28newyorkgoombaNewyorkgoombanewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoombadale0555Dale0555
Musicals  (Ended February 3)
Total Entries: 39daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthbigbirdBigbird
No problem, a new tournament starts 1/27!  (Ended February 1)
Total Entries: 4
Imperial Tournament  (Ended January 30)
Total Entries: 28daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Kids' TV  (Ended January 27)
Total Entries: 36daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthembrbEmbrb
You guessed it, another tournament will start 11/20!  (Ended January 25)
Total Entries: 2
The Great Depression  (Ended January 23)
Total Entries: 28mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
The Magnificent Letter M  (Ended January 20)
Total Entries: 35daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Gear up for our next tournament on 1/13!  (Ended January 18)
Total Entries: 1
We're not getting any younger  (Ended January 16)
Total Entries: 30mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Apples and Oranges  (Ended January 13)
Total Entries: 34mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatdaveguthDaveguth
No worries, the next tournament gets underway 1/6!  (Ended January 11)
Total Entries: 4
Greece  (Ended January 9)
Total Entries: 33mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Is something missing?  (Ended January 6)
Total Entries: 44foogsFoogsfoogsFoogskimoiraKimoira
A new tournament is ready for you on 12/30!  (Ended January 4)
Total Entries: 7
A Toast to 2017  (Ended January 2)
Total Entries: 31mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatkimoiraKimoira
Celebrate with Santa!  (Ended December 30)
Total Entries: 31mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Check under your tree for another tournament on 12/23!  (Ended December 28)
Total Entries: 5
Charles, etc.  (Ended December 26)
Total Entries: 30mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatkimoiraKimoira
Flocking together  (Ended December 23)
Total Entries: 26daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthlarrybusLarrybus
Another tournament is just around the corner on 12/16  (Ended December 21)
Total Entries: 2
Winter Isn't So Bad  (Ended December 19)
Total Entries: 27mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatfoogsFoogs
Whatever Suits You  (Ended December 16)
Total Entries: 34daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthdale0555Dale0555
Another fun tournament coming at you on 12/9!  (Ended December 14)
Total Entries: 3
What a Year!  (Ended December 12)
Total Entries: 32daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthklukblazenKlukblazen
The Boys of Fiction  (Ended December 9)
Total Entries: 31mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatdaveguthDaveguth
Just for you, a new tournament starts 12/2!  (Ended December 7)
Total Entries: 2
Oh, those Country Women!  (Ended December 5)
Total Entries: 24daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthdale0555Dale0555
A Treat for the Taste Buds!  (Ended December 2)
Total Entries: 26newyorkgoombaNewyorkgoombanewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoombaembrbEmbrb
A cornucopia of trivia awaits you in the next tournament, 11/25  (Ended November 30)
Total Entries: 7
Espionage  (Ended November 28)
Total Entries: 21newyorkgoombaNewyorkgoombanewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoombayanichYanich
Riding the Range  (Ended November 25)
Total Entries: 28daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthlarrybusLarrybus
A new tournament is rolling out on 11/18!  (Ended November 23)
Total Entries: 2
Lions, Tigers and Bears!  (Ended November 21)
Total Entries: 27daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthyanichYanich
The Fabulous Letter F  (Ended November 18)
Total Entries: 38daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthyanichYanich
Another tournament gets underway on 11/11!  (Ended November 16)
Total Entries: 2
Salute to the Soldiers  (Ended November 14)
Total Entries: 31daveguthDaveguthdaveguthDaveguthnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
A Tournament to Climb  (Ended November 11)
Total Entries: 25mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Chill, a new tournament gets underway 11/4!  (Ended November 9)
Total Entries: 5
Star Light, Star Bright  (Ended November 7)
Total Entries: 29mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Halloween Fun  (Ended November 4)
Total Entries: 31mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatnewyorkgoombaNewyorkgoomba
Don't let it haunt you, a new tournament treat starts 10/28!  (Ended November 2)
Total Entries: 2
Mom says, Eat your veggies!  (Ended October 31)
Total Entries: 30mamacatMamacatmamacatMamacatlarrybusLarrybus

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